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Why digital TV?

Efficient digital technology

By using digital technology we make to best use of the frequencies. Picture and sound are high quality . With digital broadcasts, the channels are divided into small packets of information consisting of ones (1) and zeros (0). Several channels are packed and sent together, which represents an optimal use of the frequency. Your digital TV receiver unpacks the package and reassembles the various channels.

Since a digital signal is more robust in terms of reflection, obstacles etc. than an analogue signal, good receivers are able to reconstruct a perfect image, even though parts of the package may have been damaged en route. The result is a perfect TV picture.

Worldwide digitalisation

The digitalisation of the ground-based network is a natural development, one that is being made all over the world. By 2012, all analogue broadcasting networks in Europe will have shut down. Norway is among those countries with the shortest conversation period.