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How to receive signals

All households must have a set-top box (digital decoder) in order to receive digital TV signals. You do not, however, need to replace or do anything to your TV set.

The digital decoder is to be connected between the antenna outlet and your TV set. You will need a decoder for each TV set.  In Norway, we use the latest technology, MPEG4. Swedish decoders (which use MPEG2 technology) will not be able to receive signals from the Norwegian network.

Approved decoders  can be bought through TV and radio dealers, or via the service telephone 210 10 210 or   godkjenningsmerke_189pxhttp://bakkenettet.moobi.com/. The Norwegian decoders are ready for high-definition TV (HDTV). Look for the red approval sticker on the package.

All households have access to all NRKs TV and radio channels and sign language interpretation service, at no extra charge. The same thing applies to other channels and services that NRK may offer as an all-purpose broadcaster free of charge.  For those who want more channels, it will be possible to subscribe to a variety of programme packages from RiksTV at http://www.rikstv.no/. For those who only want NRK, there will be no subscription price.